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Our Choice to Use ACT or SAT

Federal and state rules about state mandated testing allow districts to choose either the SAT or ACT as the Grade 11 measure of student proficiency in Reading, English Language Arts, and Mathematics.  Hugo Public Schools has chosen the ACT because it is the more common entrance examination used by Oklahoma colleges and universities.  We feel it is a better measure of the accomplishment of the standards that make up the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  Our curriculum is aligned with the OAS which is aligned with the ACT.  This alignment allows us to focus student learning on college and career readiness in addition to the development of important life skills.  We value the opinions of parents/caregivers of our students as well as other members of our community.  Please email any comments or suggestions about the district’s decision to use the ACT to our District Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Hicks, at  We welcome your comments in making this decision.  Comments Survey